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Post-COP26 at the micro level

Tuvalu's Simon Kofe
Tuvalu's Simon Kofe

By Kaliopate Tavola

My last article on COP26 expressed the hope that the pessimism of the members of my informal talanoa group would be proven wrong by the results of COP26 held in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November. Having skimmed through the full text of the Glasgow climate pact, and other related communiqués, I’m afraid to say that the pessimism we had pre-COP26 has somewhat remained post-COP26, notwithstanding a few bright spots. Planet Earth is still not safe.

For this month’s instalment, the group members have opted to evaluate our various stances that guided our outlook on COP26 for the purpose of securing learnings that can be benchmark . . .

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