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New Caledonia cartoon
Enjoy "the charm of the natives, the palms, the sun and sea" in New Caledonia (Plantu of Le Monde).

France boosts police and military before New Caledonia vote

By Nic Maclellan

As New Caledonia moves towards a referendum on self-determination on 12 December, France is deploying new police and military forces to the French Pacific dependency. In a show of strength, nearly 2,500 extra security forces – backed by armoured cars, helicopters and other equipment – will spread out across New Caledonia in the next few weeks.

All independence parties had called for the referendum to be postponed until 2022, because of disruption to campaigning during a surge of COVID-19 cases since early September. However on 12 November, France’s High Commissioner Patrice Faure announced that the vote would . . .

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